Jordan M. Wright

Jordan M. Wright a lawyer and magazine publisher, began collecting political memorabilia at the age of ten. Since then, he has amassed the largest and most comprehensive collection in the world. Jordan Wright's collection tells the colorful and exciting story of how incumbents and candidates (and their losing rivals) have wooed voters since America was founded. These objects from rare and important flags, posters, paper dresses and lanterns, to ice cream bars, sunglasses and of course, buttons form a fascinating, moving sometimes funny, sometimesoutrageous physical record of the past. The collection is a living breathing history of the democratic tradition upon which we continue to build a great nation. The collection provides wonderful insight into America's most important achievements


Award Winning Book

Campaigning for President - Political Memorabilia from the Nations Finest Collection

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The Museum of Democracy can be the catalyst for a global conversation about what American democracy has been, is and can be.
American Democracy is the affirmation of a nation determined to be the master of its own political destiny.
— Jordan M Wright